A Pirate Map for Success!

Back in January I, and the Coaching Team at CrossFit Maidenhead, ran a workshop for their adult members on setting Goals and Habits for success in and out of the gym.

When we planned the event we were keen to go beyond the usual Goal-Setting activities that people often go through at the start of the New Year, only to be forgotten by February! We wanted to help members build the habits and strategies to help them sustain long-term progress towards their goals, while supporting a happy, healthy life beyond the goal itself.

I was reminded of one of the activities we went through at the workshop while listening to a podcast with Pat Flynn and Strength & Conditioning expert, Dan John last week. As it turns out it was a useful and timely exercise for me to revisit, so I wanted to share my own example as I think it is useful, not only for adults, but for children too. In fact I believe goal setting and strategic thinking are valuable skills for children to start developing from an early age.

This particular exercise highlights in a fun and engaging way how we can create a strategy to take us towards our goals. As the saying goes “A goal without a plan is just a wish”!

The exercise Dan John refers to is to create a ‘Pirate Map’, or ‘Shark Habits’.

The idea is to draw out a pirate map that takes us from where we are now to the treasure… OUR GOAL!

The way we do that is to write down a set of 5-7 habits we will adopt that move us closer to our goal each day. These are often simple things that are specific, measurable and under our control. They move us closer to the treasure, while supporting our success and happiness over the long term. Our pirate map should be kept close at hand and be revisited often to make sure we are still on the right path!

My Pirate Map is written below as a simple list. In fact, Pat Flynn and Dan John discuss my map on their latest podcast together, as my efforts won me a copy of Dan's latest book “40 years with a whistle” and Pat's book "How to be better at (almost) everything"!!

Why not give this activity a go yourself, with your children or get the whole family involved? You could even get a bit more creative with the concept of the Pirate Map! ;) 

Happy drawing!

Coach Emma


GOAL: Reach my full potential as a weightlifter while navigating the ins and outs of running a successful business


Daily: Wake up at the same time every day & mobilise first thing (credit: Dan John!)
Daily: Spend 10 minutes practicing platform imagery and positive self-talk (credit: Sport Resilience)
Daily: Eat the frog! Spend 1.5 hours on business calls first thing (credit: Mark Twain, Richard Dwyer)
Daily: Train with purpose and no distractions (credit: Gareth Doody)
Daily: Grab at least 1/2 hour of quiet time for reading and thinking
Daily: Prep gym kit, food portions, tomorrows task list, tidy desk and clean kitchen at the end of every day
Weekly: Catch up on Desert Island Discs with a hot chocolate :) 
Weekly: Plan training week, prep food & urgent work task list for the week
Monthly: Create new Kidz Impact Lesson Plans & business content so I can focus my days doing what I love most… inspiring the younger generation to build their healthy habits for life!

Listen to the full podcast:


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