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Youth Development weightlifters impress at the Ethos Open

On Saturday 6th April seven KIDz IMPACT members from Club CrossFit Maidenhead competed in the Ethos Open, a British Weight Lifting sanctioned competition held at the club.

KIDz IMPACT members dominate Session 2 of the Ethos Open!

The KIDz IMPACT Youth Weightlifting Team consisted of Lily Broughton and Archie Oliver in the Under 11 age category, Asha Harris in the Under 13 category, Charles Isbell, Gabrielle Swain and Chiara Silva in the Under 15 category and Isabella Swain in the Under 17 category. They all secured gold medals in their respective categories!

The youngest lifter in the competition and our member, Archie!

The Youth Weightlifting Team train under the guidance of Youth Development Coach, Emma Suckling, and Head Coach, Gareth Doody, at Ethos Weight Lifting Club, housed within CrossFit Maidenhead. The team are all members of KIDz IMPACT, who use our Strength & Conditioning Programme to build their long-term health and fitness, as well as to stay strong and flexible for participation in a variety of different sporting activities.

Coach Emma Suckling, who also competed in the senior category and secured a gold medal, said “For many of our youth team it was their first weightlifting competition so I am hugely proud of them all! In the youth categories the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) are scored on technique rather than weight lifted and our youngsters nailed it, scoring maximum points for most of their lifts!”

Asha scoring maximum points for technique!

The Ethos Open weightlifting competition attracted more than 50 weightlifters from youth up to masters age groups (10 to 55+) from across the South East region, including 20 lifters from Ethos Weight Lifting Club alone. Many of the lifters competing were aiming to secure qualification into national and international level events taking place later this year, including the youth team who will compete at the British Development Championships in June.

Lily secured herself a place at the British Development Open for Under 12yrs.

Gareth Doody (Head Coach at Ethos Weight Lifting Club) said the competition was a huge boost for the sport of weightlifting in the area. “It was exciting to see so many lifters of all ages competing from clubs across the region. We hosted a full day of weightlifting to a packed out audience in a friendly atmosphere! Olympic Lifting is a fantastic sport and we are very proud to have brought this competition to our club in Maidenhead. ”

Olympic Lifting is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the country. It is one of the Worlds oldest competitive sports with origins dating back to the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. The sport is unique as it can be used to help develop and improve strength, speed, power, balance, coordination and discipline for many sports. The benefits of weight lifting are becoming more widely known and participation in the sport for general health is becoming more popular.

Charlie uses KIDz IMPACT to develop strength and power for all his sporting activities.

At KIDz IMPACT weightlifting forms one component of the programme, alongside gymnastics (or bodyweight movements) and metabolic conditioning, with a focus on learning to lift external loads safely do that our members can protect themselves from injury in everyday life.

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