Kidz Impact: On a Mission!

community mindset Nov 01, 2019
At Kidz Impact our Mission is to Inspire all children to build healthy habits for LIFE!
Our Vision is to help children across the UK stay healthy, get active and build confidence by growing the network of licensed clubs, passionate coaches and inspirational young role models.
As a community we are passionate about our mission, committed to fulfilling our vision and dedicated to displaying a set of shared values that embody what we stand for, how we behave and how we interact with each other.
ADVENTURE: We are open-minded, innovative and adventurous! We Dream Big, Work Hard and have FUN!
COMMUNITY: We create and foster positive and caring relationships. We listen without judgement, show compassion and Support Each Other.
INTEGRITY: We have confidence in our abilities and are virtuous in our actions. We build Open and Honest Relationships by interacting with each other in a sincere and straightforward manner.
HUMILITY: We are Kind and Humble. We treat each other with respect, are open to change and we take responsibility for our actions.
PROGRESSION: We are committed to pursuing Continual Improvement through knowledge sharing, training and experience.
IMPACT: We are passionate about what we do. We Lead By Example and have a Positive Impact on those around us by being inspirational role models to our members, families and each other.
If you are passionate about our Mission and share our Values why not join the network and work with us to inspire the next generation to build their healthy habits for life?

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