Learning new skills takes time

Being open-minded and adaptable are some of the key traits of beings successful in life.

Like us at Kidz Impact, many of our friends across the leisure and fitness industry have seen a sudden shift in their core daily operations with the closure of their facilities for an unknown period due to the spread of coronavirus.

In our efforts to adapt, protect our income, our staff and continue to support our members most of us across the industry have been working extremely hard over the last week or so to find new ways of working.

As with any new skill, achieving a level of competence and then mastery takes time!

Many of us are faced with the idea of working outside our skillset and rapidly trying to learn new technologies or face losing our livelihoods as well as the connection to the people who make our jobs such a joy in the first place.

Many coaches and business owners are continuing to put in a huge number of hours work to run remote classes, programme workouts and record content, without the certainty of being paid at the end of it or having a job to come back to.

Please spare a thought for all those small businesses, passionate coaches and support staff who have worked hard, and continue to work hard, to earn their living through helping others.

We may not all have the looks, charm or production team of Joe Wicks (who is doing fantastic things, by the way), but what we do have is:

1. Passion
2. The ability to make real connections with our members and
3. The drive to keep helping others achieve their goals

It makes all those failed Zoom calls, 1000 takes to capture one short video and the temporary lack of face-to-face time with our communities all worth it in the end.

Sometimes… (ask me again tomorrow!) 😂

Coach Emma


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