What Is Kidz Impact?


Learn how Izzy and Gabby use the Kidz Impact programme to stay flexible and build strength to support their dancing!

Kidz Impact is a super fun fitness programme specifically designed to cater for children of all ages and abilities. Our Mission as a company is to inspire all children to build healthy habits for life! 

Super fun fitness

Through our group fitness classes children are exposed to a wide range of activities to help them stay healthy, get active and build confidence, with an emphasis on having fun! 

The programme is designed to improve children’s physical literacy by developing qualities such as balance, coordination, speed, endurance, strength and power through training functional movements, i.e. movement patterns that are used in everyday life.

Kidz Impact classes incorporate a variety training styles, practice and play, including elements of metabolic conditioning (cardio), gymnastics (bodyweight) movements and weightlifting technique, appropriate to the age and ability of each individual. Through our badge award scheme the programme is personalised to each child’s rate of learning, allowing them to progress and succeed at their own pace.

Designed by experts, delivered with passion

The Kidz Impact programme has been developed by Dr Emma Suckling; a former GBR gymnast, CrossFit athlete and World medallist in the sport of Olympic weightlifting with over 20 years coaching experience in the sport and fitness industry. She combines her coaching credentials, her background in science and a passion for inspiring the younger generation to hand-craft and test each and every Lesson Plan.

All Kidz Impact Lessons are delivered by certified Kidz Impact coaches, who have been hand-picked for their passion and expertise within each licensed club and who maintain the highest safeguarding standards to protect the welfare of every child.

A foundation for health

The goal amongst the Kidz Impact community is to inspire children to lay their foundations for a happy, healthy life by inspiring them to move well and move often.

In recent years there has been a decline in the number of children participating in physical activity, with many children not achieving recommended guidelines of at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise every day.

Physical exercise has major benefits for general health, including reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes, improving children’s mental health and well being, as well as improving their academic performance.

Through our network of licensed clubs, certified coaches and young role models we are inspiring children to experience the joy of getting active and empowering them to lay their foundation towards building lifelong healthy habits.

Improving athletic performance

Aside from using the Kidz Impact programme to improve health and fitness across a general population of children, many clubs are using our workouts as part of their strength & conditioning programme to support other sport specific training.

Strength & Conditioning is concerned with developing proper movement patterns as a foundation for improved athletic performance. Our progressive programme is designed to build a solid foundation of general physical preparation, adaptable to any sporting environment at any level. Incorporating strength & conditioning training alongside sport specific training has major benefits for promoting longevity in training and competition by reducing the risk of injury.

More than fitness

Exposing children to a wide range of activities and training methods from an early age will not only help develop better athletes, but better people too!

Kidz Impact workouts are carefully constructed to not only build fitness, but to help children develop other important life skills such as integrity, humility, teamwork, resilience, confidence and friendship. By participating in physical activity as part of a community they will build their framework for success in all aspects of life and will have heaps of fun surrounded by a supportive group of inspirational role models.

A growing community

Kidz Impact classes are currently running at licensed gyms, sports clubs and schools across the UK, delivered by passionate role models with expertise in coaching children within the sport and fitness industry.

Through the growing network of licensed clubs and certified coaches we are able to reach more and more children each week, inspiring them to build healthy habits for life!


Join the Kidz Impact community today and inspire our child to stay healthy, get active and build confidence!



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