KIDz IMPACT: One Year On

This week marks exactly one year since KIDz IMPACT was launched and the very first Kidz session ran at Club CrossFit Maidenhead! What a year it's been!

The Kidz and Teens classes at CrossFit Maidenhead are thriving and the community continues to grow each week. The club now has nearly 50 members actively participating in the programme, making great progress on their fitness journey and having fun with their friends every week.

A thriving community at CrossFit Maidenhead.

In fact the numbers show that children really are being inspired to build healthy habits for life...! Between April 2018 - March 2019 more than 80% of children enrolled on a Kidz membership are still active on the programme today, while retention amongst teen members is a huge 96% across the full year!

There have been plenty of other developments too! KIDz IMPACT classes are now part of the programme at Phoenix Gymnastics Club Windsor and are proving to be super popular, with three classes running per week and generating another income stream for the club. Flair Gymnastics will also be adding the programme to their offering across multiple sites from September, and with more clubs joining the community each week a growing number of children will have the opportunity to stay healthy, get active and build confidence while having heaps of fun too!

Working in close collaboration with the network of licensed venues.

For me personally it has been a real privilege to work with all the children at Club CrossFit Maidenhead and watch them all develop into great athletes and people. It has also been a joy to connect with other forward-thinking clubs who share a passion for inspiring the younger generation and to collaborate closely with them. I am immensely grateful to all the Coaches who have lent a hand along the way, the Parents who have entrusted me with their most valuable treasures and the Gym Owners who have given me the opportunity to share my passion with with them and their members.

Coach Emma, coaching.

I am super excited to see what the next year at KIDz IMPACT has to offer!

Coach Emma

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