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The method in the madness!

I'm sure, like me, you are passionate about inspiring the younger generation to develop the skills they need for living a happy and healthy life. For this reason I just wanted to share some deeper insight with you into the method (and madness!) behind our Kidz Impact mission...

As a former gymnast and now a competitor in the sport of weightlifting I have put in a fair few hours of strength & conditioning training over the last 30+(!!) years. I know that progress is built on a solid foundation of mastering the basics first - from eating well and getting enough rest, to moving with integrity and purpose on a regular basis. Our syllabus, from kids through to teens, is therefore based on a progressive system, with badges and awards, personalised to each child's pace of learning, so that they can build from their solid foundation up.

Having participated and coached in several different sports over the years I understand that no matter what the activity, whether it's elite sport or...

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